Thursday, 1 March 2012

Plumber tells court he does not have drug debt with the accused

By Cristiana Theodoli, @_cric_

A plumber whose name was found on a paper described by cops as a drugs 'tick list' told a court he does not take cocaine.
Jamie Pullen, of Stanley Drive, Bishopbriggs, was giving evidence at the trial of fellow plumber Ryan Daly who is facing a charge of being concerned in the supply of the class A drug.
Pullen, whose name was identified as one of those on a number of lists found by cops when they searched Daly's room, was asked by Fiscal Depute Iain Bradley if he owned Daly drug money.
Pullen said: “I'm the hardest working person probably in this court. I'm married and I've got two kids and I'm definitely not involved in anything like that.”
The court had earlier heard from Police Constable Graham Scott of Strathclyde Police, who had searched Daly's parents' home in Wallace Gate, Bishopbriggs.
Constable Scott appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court and said that the lists, found in the 28-year-old accused's wallet, looked like 'tick lists', lists of name and figures which cops usually associate with drug dealers.
Fiscal Depute Bradley had asked the constable: “So it's like a more organised form of drug dealing, like an informal payment agreement?”
Constable Scott had agreed that, in his experience, this was the case.
Yet Pullen told FD Bradley that the numbers next to his name related to cash he owed Daly for jobs he had helped him on.
He said Daly had helped him fit a number of boilers and connect the gas so he owned him cash for his labour.
He added: “I have breakfast and lunch in my van and I put things down on a bit of paper and copy it in my diary when I have a change.”
The jury also heard from 38-year-old joiner Thomas Reid, of Airdrie, who specialises in upgrading medical premises and dental surgeries.
Reid said he started calling on Daly as a plumber a couple of years ago.
He said: “He has helped me on maybe 30 or 40 [surgeries]. I can't say. I was struggling to find a reliable plumber, the one I was using at the time wasn't reliable I met Ryan, got his number and asked him to do a job and since then he has been doing my work.”
He added he had seen the sheets with names and numbers beforehand and said: “I have sat in the van with Ryan before and I broke down the jobs.”
The trial, before Sheriff Kenneth Mitchell, continues.

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