Friday, 2 March 2012

HMA vs Muirhead and McKenzie Witness identifies Defendent

Friday 4 March

Shop worker Colleen Sinclair told the High Court in Glasgow today that the man who purchased three digital watches, a set of "travel bottles" and a large red suitcase from her on 14 April 2011  was one of the accused in the case,  Neil McKenzie.

Ms Sinclair who at that time was working in "B&M bargains" in Stevenson Ayrshire, told the court that she knew Mr McKenzie as she had attended school with his son and had recognised him when shown CCTV coverage by police officers. Earlier the jury had heard from the store manager, Alison McLaughlin, that a receipt showed to her by police identified Ms Sinclair as the checkout operator who had sold the goods.The court was then shown the CCTV coverage in question which showed a man, accompanied by an elderly lady, enter B&M and buy a red suitcase and other items. When asked who had paid for the purchases Ms Sinclair said she believed that it was Mr McKenzie's mother.

Later the jury saw CCTV footage from a B&Q hardware store in the same retail park which showed a similarly dressed man purchase a bag of nails. Donald Findlay QC for Mr McKenzie,  questioned the times on the CCTV footage, which in his words would appear to show that if it was the same man in both sets of footage he would "have to be in two places at once." Later on however Mr Findlay stated that he was  merely pointing out that relying on "electronic timekeeping" could lead to problems.

Mr McKenzie and Mr Muirhead have pled not guilty to charges relating to the sending of "explosive devices" to Celtic Manager Neil Lennon and others in March and April 2011. The trial continues.

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