Friday, 2 March 2012

HMA vs Muirhead and McKenzie "parcel bomb trial"

Trish Godman

The first witness when the court resumed after the lunch break was Evelyn Campbell, who in March 2011 was employed as personal assistant to then Member of the Scottish Parliament Trish Godman. Ms Cambell was asked by the Advocate Depute, Tim Niven Smith, about an event at the MSP's Bridge of Weir constituency office on Monday 28th March 2011.

Ms Campbell told the court that around 1pm that day she had went to pick up the day's mail and, as well as two or three letters, she found a package addressed to Ms Godwin. The witness said that the package seemed "odd" as it was very heavy and smelled of "glue." Ms Godwin took the parcel into the office and after discussing with a colleague began to open it at which point a "wire fell out with a device attached to it". She then called the police who arrived and evacuated the building. 

Mr Findlay then rose to cross-examine the witness and asked if she had noticed the parcel, like the previous one found at Kirkintilloch sorting office had no postmark. Ms Campbell was asked if she had seen the package arrive and the witness told the court she had not, however she had heard the "thud" when it had dropped through the letter box.

Mr Findley concluded his cross-examination by asking Ms Campbell if she recalled Trish Goodman wearing a Celtic football top under her jacket on her last day as an MSP. The witness said she did recall the event telling the court it was done for charity. The witness was then excused. The trial continues.

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