Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Allegations a 'parent's nightmare'

By Cristiana Theodoli, @_cric_

The father of a man charged with dealing cocaine told a court the allegation is a 'parent's nightmare'.
John Daly, 54, was speaking at the trial of his son Ryan, 28, a self-employed plumber accused of dealing the class A drug from his parents' address.
The court heard that £100 worth of the drug was found in Ryan's room in the Wallace Gate property, Bishopbriggs, during a raid on October 7, 2010.
Taxi driver John's reaction came after Fiscal Depute Ian Bradley asked what he thought when he was told of the charge.
The accused's mother Marie Daly, who later gave evidence as part of the defence case, also told FD Bradley that she was shocked when she was told cocaine was found in Ryan's room.
She said: “I was shocked. Disbelief. It was disbelief. But he got his problem sorted now.”
Ryan's mother was also asked about the £29.000 found in a cash box in the plumber's room.
She said £15.000 of those were hers, raised after she sold stock and shop fittings from a baby clothes shop she used to run in the Shawlands area of Glasgow after closing the store.
She said: “The rest is Ryan's money and it's up to him what he wants to do with it. I couldn't have a say in that. It's his hard earned cash so it's up to him what he does with it.”
Marie Daly also said that the set of scales recovered from the flat and used in evidence were hers.
Police Constable Graham Scott, who took part in the search, had earlier told the jury that scales and lists of names and numbers , known as 'tick lists', were usually indicative of drug dealing when found along with drugs.
Yet when Mrs Daly was shown one of the lists found in during the search by Defence Counsel Murray Macara she said those were Ryan's workings.
She said: “I have seen his workings before, if he is pricing a job or working out prices... It's a bit all over the place.”
At the end of Mrs Daly's evidence the trial was adjourned for the day. It is due to continue tomorrow at Glasgow Sheriff Court before Sheriff Kenneth Mitchell.

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