Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Brick hurling gang member has sentenced deferred

By Gordon Darroch, @synthjock
A man has been jailed for nearly five months for breach of the peace after CCTV cameras caught rival gangs throwing bricks and other missiles at each other.

Violence broke out in Elderpark Street, Govan, Glasgow, when rival gangs began taunting each other at about 3am on September 4 last year.

CCTV footage showed David McCallum, of Drumoyne Square, Glasgow, hurling what appeared to be a brick at the height of the street disturbance.

“He was seen wearing dark clothing and being confronted by a gang, and he was seen with a large brick-type item and seen running at two other members,” Dorothy Roy, prosecuting, said.

“He was seen to throw the item down to the ground and then gesticulate towards the males of the other group.”

Sentence was deferred on McCallum, 18, who admitted a charge of breach of the peace.

His co-accused, 21-year-old Robert Duncan, of Napier Drive, Govan, Glasgow, was given a five-month jail sentence in the light of his criminal record.

Mrs Roy said Duncan could be seen in the footage “gesticulating towards other gang members, inciting them to fight and gesturing and running towards the other members of the gang”.

Duncan’s defence agent said “drink had been taken” before the incident and noted there had been “a great deal of posturing” on both sides.

He added that the incident had not escalated into widespread violence and police only investigated it six weeks later after viewing the CCTV footage.

Sheriff Linda Ruxton told Duncan, who pled guilty, that she would imprison him for 145 days for the breach of the peace charge and added a further 40 days for two outstanding criminal matters, totalling six months.

A third accused, 17-year-old Craig MacGregor, of Hutton Drive, Govan, Glasgow, was acquitted after the Crown accepted his not guilty plea.

Duncan had a not guilty plea accepted in relation to a separate charge of possessing an offensive weapon.

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