Friday, 27 April 2012

Muirhead/McKenzie sentencing live blog

Outside court defence team "happy" with sentence but announce intention to appeal verdict. court now clearing, family members of accused leaving and making comments to press that this is "not justice" Lord Turbulll now addresses court. "incomprehensible two family men would take such actions" Convicted of sending improvised explosive devices. Could result in "double figure sentence" Judge has duty to act in a "discriminating manner"'these were not " acts of terrorism in the traditional sense" Devices could not have exploded, no detonator" gives sentence of 5 years Findlay 'nothing to be said that was not said at trial" Donald Findlay QC. "I can say nothing about the facts" commends Jackson's position. His client has "worked all his life" MrJackson QC begins his mitigation speech. Points out no-one injured by his client. Accepts intent to injure but argues devices 'non viable' on lower end of seriousness. court rises for Lord Turbull and the sentencing diet begins. Families of Muirhead and McKenzie now being seated in court.Convicted men dock flanked by security guards. Previous case now over, awaiting Lord Turnbull Welcome to our live blog of the sentencing of Trevor Muirhead and Neil McKenzie who wer convicted last month of sending improvised explosive devices to figures associated with Celtic Football club The High Court will be hearing speeches in mitigation from the men's lawyers before sentence is passed. The court is now dealing with another case.sentencing expected to begin at 10.30

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